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RoMDestan News

🔮 Colorweave Festival

🥳 We have exciting news for you! The music festival has now been replaced by a Colorweave Festival. Don't miss the rings on the NPC named Saska Feron at the gates of Varanas! All have been significantly modified to suit the level.

RoMDestan News

Rise, heroes of Taborea! The challenge draws near! ❤

New Lv Cap 85
Brave adventurers and valiant fighters of Destan,

Get ready to conquer new horizons in our upcoming patch landing on May 10th! Here's a glimpse of the adventures awaiting you:

Fortress of Belathis, land of conquerors: Explore Sarlo and its surroundings and challenge the mighty guardians of this legendary fortress.

Between the realms, where stars meld into the waves, lies the Cove of Sorrow, haunt of the fierce. Will you dare to unravel the mysteries of this hostile land?

Grotto of Horror, abyss of the courageous: Face the dark creatures of this instance and prove your worth to the world!

Dreamland, the call of adventure: Embark with your most loyal companions into this ultimate zone, where only the mightiest will find glory.

Join us starting May 10th to forge your legend and script a new chapter in the tale of Destan!

RoMDestan News

⚒️ Crafting Festival

❤️ Hello everyone, dear Destan players,
🥳 Exciting news for you! The Rain Festival has now been replaced with a crafting festival. Crafting time has arrived!

🆕 We've made changes to the existing system in the newly introduced crafting festival. Now you can reset multiple times in a day by speaking to the "Element Converter" NPC at the Varanas gates and clicking on the "Reset" option. (2 Pieces of "Transport Portal Rune" are Required.)

🛠️ The contents of the festival package "Hardwork Craft Package" have been updated to offer you more valuable and beautiful items. (You can see the package contents from the attached image.)
RoMDestan News

🔥 The Titan's Trial

❤️ Hello everyone, dear Destan players,
In the heart of Destan's wilderness stands the Giant Guardian, a monumental challenge beckoning courageous adventurers. Assembled, a diverse band of heroes embarks on a perilous journey through enchanted forests and treacherous mountains to face it.

Arriving at the towering chamber, they confront the Guardian, its form bathed in an ethereal glow. The battle erupts with thunderous roars and crackling spells.

Despite the Guardian's relentless onslaught, the heroes stand firm, drawing strength from each other. With each strike, they weaken its defenses, inching closer to victory.

Finally, with a mighty blow, the Guardian falls, defeated. The heroes, united and victorious, leave their mark on Destan's legend, ready for whatever challenges lie ahead.

🗳️ The long-awaited first version of the Giant Guardian is here!

🌟 The Giant Guardian is now much stronger; it has new abilities, companions, and tactics.

Facing the Guardian won't be easy; you must stand against it not as a clan, but as all of Taborea.

"I'm devising a new strategy for this boss, and I hope you like it! Let's see if you can find it."

🗳️ The Guardian will give you a "Guardian Box". Inside this box, you will find a 🏵️ charm exclusive to the Destan server. The player who obtains this charm will be announced to the world. However, we're sorry to say, this is not a guaranteed drop. It will be based on your luck. Don't worry, if you can't get it, you will receive a certain amount of gold between "100,000" and "1,000,000", depending on your luck.

RoMDestan News

🔥 Ramadan Event Calendar

❤️ Hello everyone, dear Destan players,
Just like every Ramadan month, this year we are offering some gifts along with an updated Ramadan event to our valued players.
🥯 When you log in to the game every day for a month, you will receive your gift. Throughout the month, you will obtain 'Bagel' from all creatures you defeat. You can exchange the bagels you obtain from the vendors at Varanas gates for 'Ramadan Sweets'.
(x10 Bagel -> x1 Sweet)
Attached is a visual that presents the rewards you will receive during the event and the items contained within the event. Wishing you a blessed Ramadan, and we hope you have a wonderful month!

RoMDestan News

🔥 DropRate Event

❤️ Hello everyone, dear Destan players,
🥳 We've planned a fast-paced loot drop boost event for the weekend.
⏲️ It will start at 09.03.2024 12:00 and end at 10.03.2024 00.00.
⭐ As you know, our normal game drops are x8.
🥳 All drops will be set to x12 during the event period.

It will be a great blessing for the hard-earned spoils. I hope you enjoy the event.
RoMDestan News

🔥 Flying Mount System

❤️ Hello everyone, dear RoMDestan players, we would like to share the first images of the new mechanic we have been working on for a long time.
We developed the flying mount mechanics that can travel in the sky, which are in the new generation games, for Destan. Work is still ongoing.
This mechanic may not be 100% realistic, but it is 90% realistic and you can float in the sky! Mechanics are being added by developing a new control mechanism from start to finish.
There is a certain maximum height in the sky, it is limited for bugs etc. that may occur. It may be higher on some maps and lower on others. This is the current system. It may show changes.
This system currently only works on one mount. What you see in the video is not the dragon you have now, but another dragon with the same image.

We welcome your comments, good or bad, about this system. Do not hesitate to leave your comments to us. The destan is always ahead!!!!

Best regards, Gaddar.