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Diamonds Farm

Check out the Zones, Bosses, and respawn times from which you can earn Diamonds from the list below.


Discover Diamonds Farm

World Bosses

50 Diamonds Bosses
• Hillarzu "Howling Mountains"
• Bubsitan "Howling Mountains"
• Beruda Lize "Howling Mountains"
• Bronze Shell Scooray "Silverspring"
• Sherfas "Silverspring"
• Taylin Fish Bone "Aslan Valley"
• Marclaw Hammeroth "Aslan Valley"
• Perodia "Aslan Valley"
• Akeli "Ystra Mountains"
• Mischievous Kere "Dragonfang Ridge"
• Angry Angore "Dragonfang Ridge"
• Hungry Hangere "Dragonfang Ridge"
• Stubborn Wagema "Dragonfang Ridge"
• Bisang "Weeping Coast"
Bosses that give 50 diamonds

100 Diamonds Bosses
• Fierce Gale "Xaviera"
• Ogest "Xaviera"
Bosses that give 100 diamonds
150 Diamonds Bosses
• Aimina "Silverspring"
• Moriargy "Weeping Coast"
Bosses that give 150 diamonds

250 Diamonds Bosses
• Aisha "Ystra Mountains"
• Anselve "Ystra Mountains"
• Locface "Ystra Mountains"
Bosses that give 250 diamonds

Daily Quests

• Catch Butterflies "NPC:Robbie Butcher, Reward:10 Diamonds per Quest"
• Difficult Suply Situation "NPC:Robbie Butcher, Reward:10 Diamonds per Quest"
You get 10 diamonds per quest
Ancient Kingdom of Rorazan
• Demonstration Battle "NPC:Anthony Taz, Reward:10 Diamonds per Quest"
You get 10 diamonds per quest

Dungeon Farm

Dungeon List
• Kalin Shrine "10 dia per Boss"
• Heart of the Ocean "20 dia per Boss"
• Origin "20 dia per Boss"
• Hall of the Survivors "20 dia per Boss"
• Zurhidon Stronghold "20 dia per Boss"
• Hall of the Demon Lord "20 dia per Boss"
• Dungeon of Dalanis "20 dia per Boss"
• Warnorken Arena "10 dia per Boss"
• Raksha Temple "30 dia per Boss"
• Kawak's Tomb "30 dia per Boss"
• Grafu Castle "40 dia per Boss"
• Sardo Castle "40 dia per Boss"
• Tomb of the Seven Heroes "40 dia per Boss"
• Aeternal Circle "50 dia per Boss"
• Kulech Bones Nest "50 dia per Boss"
• Castle of Bedim "50 dia per Boss"
You get 10~50 diamonds per Boss


All adventurers who reach level 77 earn 7000 diamonds. (Each player can get it once.)

World Bosses Respawn Time

Instant information on when the bosses will spawn will be here soon